Manually creating Waypoints in GPS Pathfinder Office “Part 2”

If you would like to create Waypoints manually this is possible in both GPS Pathfinder Office and TerraSync.  This is a follow-up blog to Creating Waypoints from GPS Pathfinder Office Map Window.

Lets say you do not have access to existing data from a GIS Mapping software but have the coordinates.  Either someone handed them to you on a piece of paper, someone gave them to you over the phone of even in an e-mail.

Below is a way to manually create Waypoints in GPS Pathfinder Office so that you can use them in TerraSync to navigate to their location.

For more information on this process you can search via the “HELP in GPS Pathfinder Office via “Waypoints.

Manually Creating Waypoints in GPS Pathfinder Office:

Click on the following in GPS Pathfinder Office to set up some settings for your Waypoints:

  1. Options
  2. Coordinate System
  3. Change the “System, Datum, Coordinate Units and Altitude Units when possible to match the coordinates given to you (Lat/Long and Meters is the default)
  4. Click “OK” to save changes
  5. You can also click “Options/Style of Display” for either Lat/Long or Northing and Easting.  North/East will be grayed out when using Lat/Long.

Set Coordinate System to match

Coordinate System Lat_Long

Click “OK” to save changes.

Style of Display

Click “OK” to save changes.

To create a Waypoint file first create the main shell/file of the “WPT” file:

  1. Click on file
  2. Waypoints
  3. New

File Wayponts New


Give your waypoint project a unique name and click “OK“.


Click “Create” to add your first Waypoint.


Enter a Name, Lat/Long (N,E), Altitude if you know it otherwise enter a Zero.

*** A reminder to enter a Negative symbol “ before your Longitude if you are West of the Prime Meridian located in Greenwich England.  Or place a “W”at the end of  your Longitude.  Then click “Save“.

Click Create

Continue adding more Waypoints by clicking on “Create“.


Enter a Name, Lat/Long (N,E), Altitude if you know it otherwise enter a Zero and either a “” or a “W” for West Longitude.

Continue adding more Waypoints by clicking on “Create” again.


Then click “Save“.

4 waypoints map window

Eventually you will have something that looks like this.

Now you can “Close” the Waypoint file and use the “Utility/Data Transfer” to send your waypoint file to your Trimble device.

Stay Tuned for “Manually creating Waypoints in TerraSync (Part 2.5)”.