New Trimble GNSS Firmware Version 4.84 Released

December 2013

Trimble has announced the release of GNSS firmware version 4.84. This is considered a minor release. This new version requires a valid support date of April 2013 or later.

For best results, users should upgrade to Trimble Access 2013.40 or later.

Please note that NOT all Trimble GNSS receivers work with this new firmware. As always, check the release notes for all the information and installation procedures.

The main new features

Support for the R10 LT, an upgradable version of the R10 that offers the basic functionality of the R10 with the opportunity to upgrade to the full functionality at a later date.

Added full tilt compensation capabilities to the Trimble SurePoint technology
Will correct tilt up to 15 degrees from plumb
Any error introduced from the tilt compensation is added to the RTK precisions
System will detect any magnetic disturbance and inform the user

Collect points using SurePoint by using the “Compensated Point “
measurement method
NOTE!!! The “Compensated Point” method is NOT the same as the “Calibration Point” method.

Trimble CenterPoint ™ RTX ™ positioning

In addition to the above features, users will notice a new behavior in the LED lights on the control panel of the receiver.

When the power button is pressed, the power LED and satellite LED is turned solid ON and radio LED is off. After 2 seconds, the satellite LED turns off.

Once the power button is released, the power button stays on until the receiver is completely shut down.

Please see the release notes for complete description of the LED light behavior.