Geo 7 Series OS Update “6.7.11” and GNSS Firmware “4.00.10” Update

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  • If the OS and FW on your Geo 7 is currently OS “6.7.11” and GNSS Firmware “4.00.10” then you are all set.
  • If your OS on the Geo 7 is the original “6.7.9” then it is recommended to download and install this update.
  • See the Release Notes for the Trimble Geo 7 OS 6.7.11 and GNSS Firmware 4.00.10  Download and install instructions are in the Release Notes.
  • If the links in the pdf Release Notes do not work then click here for the Downloads for the Geo 7  and then follow the Geo 7  download links to the Geo 7 Firmware Updates page.
  • You can install the new OS 6.7.11″ and FW “4.00.10” over the orignal “6.7.9” OS.  This method does not remove data or installed applications, and does not update bundled field applications.

****When installing the updates for the OS and FW be sure to supply power to the Geo 7 via your wall charger.

New features and changes:

Operating system version 6.7.11 is available for the Geo 7X handheld. Depending on when it was shipped, your Geo 7X handheld may already have this version of the operating system installed.

To identify which version is installed on your handheld, tap Start / Settings / System / System Information, then look at the Firmware version number listed under the Geo 7X handheld section of the Device tab.

Version 6.7.11 includes the following updates:

Version 6.7.11 includes the following updates:
•Improvements to standby battery life
•Improvements to the speed of the Sensor Calibration utility
•Bug fixes to the Laser alignment utility
•Bug fixes to the Camera utility
•General improvements to the Camera utility
•Device compliance information included in the System Information utility
•Miscellaneous system bug fixes
•GNSS firmware version 4.00.10

Trimble strongly recommends that you update Geo 7X handhelds to version 6.7.11 of the operating system. You can use the operating system update method, or completely reinstall the operating system. Both methods are described in the  Geo 7 OS 6.7.11 and GNSS FW 4.00.10 Release Notes.