GPS/GNSS 101,TerraSync and GPS Pathfinder Office “How To…” videos and other resources

There is a GPS and GNSS 101 interactive video via the Trimble Learning Center 

  • On this website you can Create a Username and password.
  • Then click on “Web-Based” class.
  • Then fill in the “Keyword search” parameters in the middle of the page.  Type in “Introduction to GNSS or Introduction to GPS”.
  • Then click “Search”.
  • Then click “Enroll” and click “Step 2”
  • Lastly click “Submit”.
  • You will then be forwarded to the Classroom Training page where you can select the “Mini TV” under Launch per the video you selected.
  • Per your login credential the Trimble Learning center will keep track of courses you have submitted to watch.

*Other Trimble MGIS courses available for free are TerraSync 4.xx, GPS Pathfinder Office 4.xx, Juno SB/SC and Geo 2008 in the TKN Learning Center.

** Some Courses are a paid for option with a certificate of completion.


Another GPS 101 option is on Trimble’s main website there is an older GPS Tutorial

See the Trimble GPS book pdf  – read up on the history and acronyms of GPS/GNSS.

See this GPS & Relativity video from Canada’s Perimeter institute

There are some Trimble webinars and videos on the Trimble Mapping & GIS Webinars website.

Lastly you can find some how to videos via YouTube via key word searches:  TerraSync, GPS Pathfinder Office, Data Dictionary creation, Trimble MGIS etc.