Measure Codes in Trimble Access


One of the great features in Trimble Access is Measure Codes.

I really like Measure Codes.   It is fast.  It eliminates the need to type in a code for a measurement.  It eliminates the chance of fat fingering the code and it not being spelled correctly. 

I think it is also the way your mind works when you are locating features.  You don’t go up to a water valve and say “let’t take a shot here, by the way, it is a water valve.”  Nope.  I think you shoot it because it is a water valve.  So why not just activate the measurement by pressing a button that says “Water Valve”?

Measure Codes lets you do just that.

You have been limited in it to using 3×3 blocks of codes, with up to 26 groups (pages) of them.  This gave you a total of 234 codes to quickly choose from that would activate the measurement with the press of a button.

With Trimble Access version 2014.00, you can now configure the Measure Codes screen to include up to a 5×5 block of codes.  This will give you a total of 650 codes to access quickly and start measurements with the press of a button.


Measure codes streamlines the measuring of points that have codes assigned to them.  To measure a point and set the code, you simply tap on the button with the assigned code. To measure another point with a different code, simply tap on the button with that assigned code.

You can use the Template Pickup option to measure a pattern of codes, such as a road cross section.  Template pickup automatically moves through the configured codes to ensure that the next code is preconfigured and ready to measure.

When using the 3×3 layout, the numeric buttons on the TSC3 keyboard map to the appropriate buttons on the Measure Codes screen, allowing for very fast coding and measurement directly from the keyboard.

This should appeal to you users that are very fast using the keyboard to access all of your functions.

The 26 pages (or groups of codes) can also be accessed with the keyboard – group 1 maps to A, group 2 maps to B and so on through the alphabet.

The following screen shots show you how to change between the 3×3 and the 5×5 layout.

2014-03-03_15-53-05 2014-03-03_15-55-03 2014-03-03_15-55-11 2014-03-03_15-55-43

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  1. Jon June 25, 2014 at 9:11 pm - Reply

    Thanks! I’ve been using measure codes for a while, but this adds some helpful hints.

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