Errors in importing DC files into Trimble Business Center

Lately we have had a few support calls from folks getting errors when they import a DC file into TBC.  They do not get this error when they import it into TGO.  

This is the error





The reason for the error is that in the DC file the Ellipsoid record occurs after the Datum record and the importer for  TBC is expecting it BEFORE the Datum record.

The solution is simple.  

QUIT using the DC file format in TBC.  

Use the .job file instead.

Back in the ancient past it was *hard* to import .job files into TGO and easy to import DC files.

We are now living in the bright shining present where it is EASY to import .job files into TBC.

How much *easier* can it get than dragging and dropping?

The DC file format is old and will not be developed by Trimble any further.

Solution: QUIT using DC files with TBC.

Let’s all saddle up that horse called new technology and ride it into the future!

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