New OS for Juno 3 series “1.02.02” – released February 2014

New OS for Juno 3 series “1.02.02” – released February 2014

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New features and changes:

  1. To identify which version is installed, check the OS version listed in / Settings / System / System Info /OS version.
  2. Trimble strongly recommends that you update any existing Juno 3B / 3D handhelds to version 1.02.02 of the operating system. See Upgrading to operating system version 1.02.02 below.

The operating system version 1.02.02 includes improvements to the following:
• Automatic pre-installation of Trimble TerraFlex™ software for Juno 3D handhelds
• Support for 2GB and 4GB flash memory
• Bug fix in camera AF firmware to improve autofocus behavior
• Bug fix in phone firmware to fix issue with Fixed Dialing Number (FDN)

****To learn more about this OS release and installation instructions click on the Juno 3 series OS 1.02.02 Release Notes.

There are 2 options for updating the OS to the Juno 3 Series after you have UNZIPPED the download:

  1. Have the power cord connected to the Juno 3.  Open the SD card folder and then copy both the Trimble folder and “Image Update.exe” file to Root Directory of the Micro SD card.  Then follow the instructions in the Release Notes.
  2. Have the power cord connected to the Juno 3.  Connect the USB cable to the Juno 3 and open the USB folder.  Double Click on the “exe” to run the install to the Juno 3.


  • This update re-installs the operating system, and resets your device to factory defaults. This will erase ALL data, installed applications, and settings stored on the handheld, except for any data or applications that are part of the operating system or are stored on a memory card.
  • Copy off critical data to your PC, write down your software version and your install codes before install this OS.
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