Geo 7x OS Update 6.7.12 and Laser Rangefinder Firmware Update 1.1

  • OS update for the Geo 7x is 6.7.12  This update provides system bug fixes:
  • This OS Update WILL WIPE YOUR GEO7X clean.  All data and software will be removed.  Have your version of software and install code ready.  Please Read the following Release Notes: 


  • Firmware update for the Geo 7x Laser Rangefinder is 1.1   
  • This upgrade has some major improvements, including a fix for incorrectly reported angles below -45 and above +45 degrees. This will increase the inclination angle to -85/+85
  • An option to input the vertical height of the laser was added.
  • It has improved choices of laser acquisition to target with busy backgrounds when the laser had multiple choices to acquire the target.
  • See the following Release Notes for additional enhancement and installation instruction.




Download the updates to your PC from the Trimble Mapping Geo Download Page  Click on Geo 7 Downloads. Then follow the directions in the Release Notes links:


 Geo 7X 6_7_12 and Laser FW 1.1_Second release




Geo 7X Laser Rangefinder 1.1 firmware installer


***Refer to the Geo 7x User Guide and my previous blog post for calibration of the Sensors

Geo 7 Laser Rangefinder Calibration and Tips for proper use