Geo 7X NEW OS 6.7.15 as of December 2014

Geo 7x and TerraSync December 2014

OS 6.7.15 for the Geo7X here is what is new:

Resolved issues and enhancements:

  • Resolving the issue where sometimes the preview window of the camera is just a black screen preventing the user from taking a picture or using the laser rangefinder.
  • Resolving an issue where sometimes the Sensor Calibration process would not calibrate successfully.
  • Resolves an issue where the handheld crashes when attempting to shut down or reset.

The multi-language provisioned FULL OS 6.7.15  installation file includes 4 more updates than the general update provides.

  • GNSS firmware version 4.10.2
  • Support for RTX
  • Trimble Rangefinder Utility version 1.2
  • Trimble TerraFlex™ field client software
  • SIDE NOTE:  The FULL OS 6.7.15 will wipe the Geo clean.

**Recommendation: plug the power cord into the Geo 7x when upgrading Operating Systems.

1. Click on Geo7 Downloads

2. Click on Trimble Geo 7 Series Operating System

3. Click on Geo 7X Operating System v6.7.15

  • Please click on and download the Release Notes.  Read the Release Notes before install the OS 6.7.15 onto the Geo 7x
  • The Operating System 6.7.15 – UPDATE PACKAGE FROM v6.7.13  – Use this PKS file to update the operating system of your Geo 7X handheld from version 6.7.13 to 6.7.15.  This will not wipe the Geo clean.
  • The Operating System 6.7.15 – FULL OS (99 MB)  – Use this file to fully re-install the Operating System or upgrade a device to Operating System version 6.7.15. This firmware package is fully language provisioned, and also installs GNSS firmware version 4.10.2. The following languages are available for installation on this firmware version: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Traditional Chinese. This OS also bundles the TerraFlex field client, and the Trimble Rangefinder utility.  THIS “FULL OS” WILL WIPE THE GEO 7X CLEAN!!!!  You will then need to reinstall any programs and copy data back to the Geo 7x after this FULL OS is complete.

4. Copy which ever OS you are going to install from your PC to your Geo 7x’s main hard-drive via your USB connection.

5. Find the Geo 7x OS update on your Geo via “File Explore” that is on your Geo 7x and then tap on OS Update with your stylus.  **Recommendation: plug the power cord into the Geo 7x when upgrading Operating Systems.

6. Follow the onscreen prompts and the Geo 7x will reboot and give you a report if the installation was successful.