TerraSync 5.65, GPS Pathfinder Office 5.65 and Trimble MGIS Compatibility List January 2015

TerraSync and Pathfinder Office:

TerraSync 5.65

  • TerraSync now supports Trimble RTX correction services on the Geo 7X.
  • The option to Navigate to Start Point has been added to the Navigation Options.
  • You can now paste a value copied from the Rangefinder utility into any text or numeric field.
  • TerraSync 5.65 Release Notes

GPS Pathfinder Office 5.65

Trimble MGIS Compatibility List January 2015

  • Look up Trimble Mapping/GIS software and hardware compatibility.
  • The Guide that will save time, money and IT headaches.

What is Trimble RTX?

  • Trimble RTX is a Real-Time cellular data correction service that works with the Geo 7X and TerraSync 5.65.
  • It is a subscription based service that can be used in areas where traditional Real-Time Corrections services such as DOT VRS/RTN’s may not available.
  • Accuracy: This will depend on what subscription is purchased and which Options are enabled on the Geo 7X and TerraSync software.  Speak to your sales representative for more details.

Center Point Subscriptions:

  1. CenterPoint® RTX (via cellular)2
    Horizontal. . . . . . . . . 4 cm HRMS
    Vertical. . . . . . . . . . . 10 cm VRMS
  2. RangePoint™ RTX (via cellular)1. . . . 30 cm HRMS
  3. ViewPoint RTX (via cellular)1. . . . . . . 50 cm HRMS

1 Accuracy and reliability may be subject to anomalies due to multipath, obstructions, satellite geometry, and
atmospheric conditions. Always follow recommended GNSS data collection practices. Specified Centimeter accuracy
can normally be achieved for baselines of 30 km or less. Specified H-Star accuracy can normally be achieved
for baseline lengths of 100 km or less. Centimeter and H-Star accuracy is typically achieved within 2 minutes.
CenterPoint RTX accuracy is typically achieved within 30 minutes. RangePoint RTX and ViewPoint RTX accuracy is
typically achieved within 5 minutes.

2 Stated accuracy is with Trimble Zephyr™ Model 2 GNSS antenna. Requires the Geo 7 series Centimeter Option.