Before you begin I recommend

  • identify what version of the OS is currently on your collector.
  • upgrade to the latest version of Trimble Access, or Survey Pro.
  •  Back up the Trimble Data folder and all other files and folders you do not want to lose.

How to identify what version of Firmware is on your collector.on the windows start page select “settings, then System, then System information” now arrow right or left till you see Version. note the firmware version below is the latest 3.0.2. if you have something older you should update.

1 TSC3 Settings 2 TSC3 System 3 TSC3 System info 4 TSC3 Firmware Version

follow these instructions!

Before installing this firmware you need to copy all data files from the Ranger 3 / TSC3 to your PC. Also, be prepared to reinstall all 3rd party programs. When you install this firmware, you will lose all data and 3rd party programs that are currently on your Ranger 3 / TSC3. Factory installed applications such as CellStart, SatViewer and ScanAgent will be automatically re-installed.
Instructions for Installing the Windows Installer Package (the file posted above) to your PC:

  1. Download and Save the Windows Installer Package to your laptop or PC.
  2. Open the Windows Installer Package on your computer to begin the installation.
  3. Click the ‘Next >’ button.
  4. Click in the radial button next to: ‘I accept the terms in the License Agreement’ and click the ‘Next >’ button.
  5. Click the square button next to ‘Install’.
  6. Click the ‘Install’ button.
  7. When the installation has completed, click the ‘Finish’ button.

Once the Windows Installer Package file is installed on the computer, you can then update the Operating System on your Ranger 3 / TSC3 at any time by using the instructions below.
Instructions for Installing the Operating System on a Ranger 3 / TSC3:

  1. Open the Firmware Update Wizard by browsing to: Start > All Programs > Trimble > TSC3_RANGER3_FWUpdateV3.0.2.0_LP > TSC3_RANGER3 Firmware Update Wizard / Run the TSC3_RANGER3 firmware update wizard.
  2. Click the ‘Next >’ button.
  3. Click the ‘Next >’ button.
  4. Place the Ranger 3 / TSC3 in USB mode by doing the following:
    • Reset the Ranger 3 / TSC3 by holding the Power button down for a few seconds until the countdown appears, then release and tap the ‘Reset’ button.
    • After you see the white screen that says ‘Bootloader’ at the top, you will then see the Red/Green/Blue/Gray vertical striped lines.
    • As soon as you see the Red/Green/Blue/Gray vertical striped lines, press the power button and THEN the ok button to enter USB mode.
    • If you fail to get into USB mode, you must repeat these steps.
  5. Connect the AC Adapter to the Ranger 3 / TSC3.
  6. Connect the Ranger 3 / TSC3 to the PC with the USB cable provided with the handheld. The USB Host side attaches to the computer and the mini USB side attaches to the Ranger 3 / TSC3.
  7. Click the ‘Next >’ button on the Firmware Update Wizard.
  8. Click the ‘Next >’ button.
  9. Click in the radial button next to: ‘I accept the terms in the license agreement’ and then click the ‘Next >’ button.
  10. After the installation is complete, click on the ‘Next >’ button.
  11. Click the ‘Finish’ button to close the Firmware Update Wizard.

Instructions for Configuring the Language on a Ranger 3 / TSC3:

  1. On the Ranger 3 / TSC3, use the up and down arrows on the 4-way directional arrow pad to select your language and press the Enter key (square key in the center of the 4-way directional arrows) to select the language.
  2. Use the up arrow key to highlight the square box next to: ‘Yes, I want to use English as the language on this device’.
  3. Press the Enter key to place a check in the box.
  4. Press the down arrow key twice to highlight the ‘Next >’ button and press the Enter key to proceed.
  5. Your Ranger 3 / TSC3 will then be configured for the language that you selected.

Please Note:

  • This upgrade is free of charge and compatible with all Ranger 3 / TSC3 handhelds. You will not need a new Windows Mobile license code.
  • After upgrading your Ranger 3 / TSC3, you may need to re-install some software applications. Contact the software vendor for instructions on how to re-install their software.
  • Install Trimble Access or Survey Pro.
  • copy you Trimble data folder back onto you collector.
  • reestablish any WIFI, or Bluetooth connections.