Every once in a while we see a new piece of software or a new process that is unique and powerful.  I recently had an opportunity to meet the founder and CTO of Datumate, Dr. Jad Jarroush, at our office in Franklin, WI and was given a tour of his company’s new software, Datugram 3D.  I got to take the software for a test drive and was very impressed by how easy it was to collect the data (using an off-the-shelf camera mounted to a pole), georeference the data (by taking a few points on the building with an instrument), and create a facade and topo (of a few things on the building, the lines of the parking lot, and our logo and sign).  Take a look at an image below captured from the camera on the pole as well as an animated gif showing the 3D data create in Datugram.  If you want to learn more, register for our webinar on July 1st below or contact your local Seiler rep.



See their latest software overview video here:

Please register for Introduction to Datumate Software on Jul 01, 2015 10:00 AM CDT at:


DatuGram™3D allows making geodetic measurements and technical drawings directly from images of regular cameras, at sub-cm accuracy. Using DatuGram™3D, both field and office work of topographic and as-built surveys is made easier, faster, safer and at higher accuracy.

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