Job Properties- Additional settings Holly Urbain – Seiler Geospatial Sales/Trimble Survey Certified Trainer

In Trimble Access 2015.10, users can now specify a point name range for a job.  This is useful when you have multiple survey crews working on the same project and want to avoid duplicate point naming issues when the jobs are processed into one project in the office.

To do this, either set this when creating a New job or go to Jobs –> Properties of job, tap the Page down and tap Additional settings.  On the second page of settings, the user can specify a minimum and maximum point name range on the screen.

The point name range must be numeric. Point names with numbers that include decimal points or alphabetic characters are ignored.

If a point already exists in the current job outside the specified point range, no problem. That point may be updated, for example, by performing a Station Elevation on an existing point without returning an error.

This new setting limits future measured, cogo and keyed in points to insure they have a Point name inside the specified range. (Edited excerpt from the 2015.10 Trimble Release Notes )

TA Point Range 2Select Properties of jobTA Point Range4Additional SettingsPage downPoint Range settingTurn on Point Range

Here is the message that will appear if a point name outside the specified rage is attempted.

Warning message

To install and run Trimble Access software version 2015.10, you must have a warranty agreement valid up to April 1, 2015. With Trimble Access software running, this date can be found by tapping the Trimble icon in the top left corner of Trimble Access screen or press the Trimble icon key on your data collector keyboard and then selecting “About”

The full Trimble Access 2015.10 release notes may be found at;