Trimble Access 2015.10 Computations using Linked files

Holly Urbain – Seiler Geospatial Sales/Trimble Survey Certified Trainer

 Trimble Access Linked 1  You can compute the distance between two points or compute an azimuth from two points by entering the names of points in the current job or in any currently linked files. Previously, this function only supported points in the current job.

To do this, enter the point names in the Distance field or Azimuth/Bearing field, separated by a hyphen. For example, to compute the distance between points 2 in your job and 3 in the linked file, enter 2-3

The normal Trimble Access job search rules do apply. The points in the current job come first so if the point name already exists in the current job, that is the point that will be used. Example; if the point number 100 exists in the current job and the different point number 100 exists in the linked file, the list will only display the point 100 from the current job, user will not see the duplicate point name in the linked file in the list.

This method works with most alphanumeric point names, but it does not support point names that already contain a hyphen.

This also means, when keying in points, it will check to see if a point with the same name exists in the linked files and will return Warning that “Point name already exists” even though it does not exist in the current job. The coordinates from the linked file will appear and when stored, the user will choose to Overwrite the point to actually create a point in the current job file. This newly stored point now overrules the linked point.

If you use the List to bring up the available points, the Linked files points appear at the bottom of the list.

Trimble Access Linked 2

If you do not want the linked point to be available in the selection list, tap Filter and turn them off by removing the check mark

Trimble Access Linked 3 Trimble Access Linked 4  

To install and run Trimble Access software version 2015.10, you must have a warranty agreement valid up to April 1, 2015. With Trimble Access software running, this date can be found by tapping the Trimble icon in the top left corner of Trimble Access screen or press the Trimble icon key on your data collector keyboard and then selecting “About”

The Trimble Access 2015.10 release notes may be found at;


(Edited excerpt from the Trimble Release Notes for Trimble Access version 2015.10)

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  1. Jon September 2, 2015 at 9:25 pm - Reply

    Very helpful!

    Maybe someone can tell if there’s a solution to a couple issues I have with linked files:

    1) When using linked files, only line work from my current job is visible.

    2) When using the Codes Menu, the Find button only finds the next available chain number from the current job, but not from the linked file.


    • Holly Urbain September 3, 2015 at 1:11 am - Reply

      Both of your statements are true and correct as far Trimble Access is suppose to work- currently

      If you want to see the linework from your linked file, I recommend opening that job and export the fixed format “DXF” to show that linework and then use that DXF as an active map to the second job.

      From the main General Survey menu, select Job-> Import / Export -> Export fixed format
      Change the File format to DXF and make sure “Include feature coded linework” is checked for topo linework based on the Feature library.
      Then from the Job -> Properties of Job -> tap on the Active Map. If you put the DXF in the same folder as the job it will appear. If it is in another folder, tap Add and find and check it on as Visible. Check only. There is no need to make is selectable (Check with box)

      NOTE: if you are using an older version of Trimble Access or Survey Controller, there is no DXF options in Fixed format but there is a Custom Format XSL style sheet available at LINK
      The “find” command does only work in the current job database

      I put these both in as possible future enhancements maybe have an optional checkbox to see linework and search linked files.

      • Jon September 3, 2015 at 11:21 am - Reply

        Thank you!

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