Holly Urbain – Seiler Geospatial Sales/Trimble Survey Certified TrainerSeiler ContTopo5 

Trimble Access field software Continuous topo offsets

If a feature to be collected has parallel features, the Continuous topo measurement method allows three sets of positions to be collected at the same time with horizontal and vertical offsets applied.

This collection method can be found when using the Continuous topo set to the following:

  • Fixed distance
  • Time and distance
  • Time or distance
  • Stop and go

Note: Offsets are not allowed for the Fixed time method

In the Measure – Continuous topo command, set the Offset field to One or Two and additional input pages will appear for you to fill in.

Seiler ContTopo1

The Center line input will be for the points or feature you plan to actually physically collect.

Set the Start point name and Code for these measured points

Seiler ContTopo2

Tap the page down to see the input for the offsets. Offset one and two can be left and right of the physically collected points or they can be offset in the same direction. Example, safely walk one edge of a trail and get the centerline and opposite edge at the same time. A negative H. Offset is left of the direction of travel. Vertically, a negative V. Offset is lower or “down” relative to the collected position.

For the Offset points, fill in Start point name and Code for each offset and when ready tap Start

If you are not using the Stop and go method where you put the rod down to take the measurement, make sure you change the antenna height to include the consistent height offset you are holding the rod above the ground as you walk.

Seiler ContTopo3

Seiler ContTopo4

N0te: Be aware, if elevations are critical, this may not be the best collection method especially if the offset features are not exactly parallel and follow the same vertical terrain changes.

– images in this post are from Trimble Access version 2015.10