Holly Urbain – Seiler Geospatial Sales/Trimble Survey Certified TrainerTrimble Access bisect3

In Trimble Access 2015.10, when performing a COGO Compute azimuth computation with the method set to Bisected corner, the distances between the three points defining the corner is now reported in addition to the computed azimuth and angle.  (Edited excerpt from the Trimble Access 2015.10 Release Notes )

Trimble Access bisect1 Trimble Access bisect2

To install and run Trimble Access software version 2015.10, you must have a warranty agreement valid up to April 1, 2015. With Trimble Access software running, this date can be found by tapping the Trimble icon in the top left corner of Trimble Access screen or press the Trimble icon key on your data collector keyboard and then selecting “About”

The Trimble Access 2015.10 release notes may be found at; https://www.myconnectedsite.com/files/surveyadministration/fsPublicSurveyContent/Help%20Files/2015_10/English/ReleaseNotes.pdf