201520 TA

Kelly Harris, PLS     Seiler Geospatial Technical Support Manager

Trimble Access 2015.20 was released today and includes added hardware support for new R2 GNSS receiver and the new TDL 2.4 total station radio. There are new Features and Enhancements in General Survey, Pipeline, Roads and Mines and some issues were also resolved.

Link to Release notes and Help files

Just a few of the added features and enhancements:

201520 TSC3

  • Continuous topo in now available in RTX surveys
  • File more organized– Job-specific data files now stored together in a sub-folder
  • Photo attribute name defaults to blank, it no longer sticks making it easier to add new photo attributes
  • Improvements to Station and offset coordinate view
  • Many Cogo enhancements- more information is displayed in cogo results
  • Now includes Control codes for offsetting lines and arcs
  • You can view Point name and code labels on map before it was one or the other
  • User interface improvements for conventional instrument Video screen
  • Improvements to Measure points on a plane
  • AccessVision– on the second generation Trimble Tablet, AccessVision incorporates the map view and the video view within the current screen to provide immediate visual feedback and avoid having to switch back and forth between screens.
    201520 1
  • Just to list a few!

To install and run Trimble Access software version 2015.20, you must have a warranty agreement valid up to September 1, 2015.
Your warranty date can be found on your data collector in Trimble Access by tapping the Trimble Icon in the upper left of the screen or the Trimble key then select About

Use the Trimble Installation Manager (TIM) software on your computer or directly on the Trimble tablet to upgrade your collector to 2015.20 if eligible. Be sure to check on the Office Updates to include the needed updates to Trimble Business Center, Data Tansfer and other office software. If you use multiple computers to download your data collectors, be sure to run the TIMOffice updates on them all so as not to get a File converter error.

See the release notes for more detailed information Link to 2015.20 Release notes