Holly Urbain – Seiler Geospatial Sales/Trimble Survey Certified Trainer

There are a lot of functions other than running a level line built into the Trimble DiNi Digital Level. The typical survey level workflows appear in the Survey menu;

dini survey menu


At any time during the current setup, tap the Trimble Key Dini Trimble key to bring up the Trimble functions screen.

This pauses your current activity and allows you to perform some other functions then, when done, it returns you to the point of the survey when you tapped the Trimble key, ready to continue.

Examples: You are running and level line and…

  1. You want to stake out a known elevation before measuring a feature.
  2. You want to measure features that are not part of your level line, maybe a hydrant that is not a benchmark on the level line.
  3. You want to review your current job for point numbers.
  4. You are running a level line and need to shoot a distance BEFORE taking a measurement to insure the rod is equidistant backsight to foresight.
  5. There is something in the way of the rod like a tree branch so the digital bar code rod is unreadable electronically and you need to spin the rod and read it manually.
  6. You need to turn the rod upside down and measure the inverted rod to get a measurement underneath a structure.
  7. It is very windy and you what to increase the number of readings taken before the shot is averaged.
  8. You want to insert a comment in the job file for the office staff or to remind yourself to rename a point, etc.
  9. You are diligent and are so early to the job site, it is still dark and you need to turn on a light under the bubble and the screen. Or your rod man is so slow it is getting dark!

Dini full faceTap the Trimble Key

Dini trimble functions

Note the number in the upper right of each box. The numbered boxes match the keyboard number layout. To select a function from the Trimble functions screen, tap the appropriate number or use the spider key to highlight the function and tap Enter key.

1 = Stake out

2 = Intermediate shots

3 = Main Menu

4 = Measure Distance- to check for even spacing before taking shot

5 = Optical Measurement- manually read the rod

6 = Rod inverse- upside down- under a bridge for clearance

7 = Multiple measurements- increase the number of readings taken before the shot is averaged

8 = Comments

9 = Illumination- On or Off – lights up bubble and screen

dini partial function


Note: Depending on where you are in the setup process, some commands may not appear.



The Trimble DiNi comes in two models; the Trimble DiNi 0.3 mm per km or Trimble DiNi 0.7 mm per km

Contact your Seiler Geospatial survey contact for more information and see the Trimble datasheet for the Trimble DiNi Digital Level at   Trimble.com      Trimble DiNi Digital level