Trimble R2 GNSS Receiver – released 9-15-15

The new Trimble® R2 GNSS receiver lets you work the way you want. With advanced Trimble GNSS technology and a compact, durable design, the R2 receiver gives you the flexibility to choose a solution based on the accuracy and GNSS performance level that suits your GIS application.


  • Achieve high-accuracy positions in real-time ranging from sub-meter to centimeter level. You choose the accuracy level.
  • Pair the receiver with a Trimble handheld, or a smart phone or tablet.
  • Benefit from the support of multiple satellite constellations and select from a range of correction sources—from SBAS and VRS networks to Trimble RTX™ correction services delivered by satellite and Internet—for accurate data at almost any location.
  • Enjoy a simple and fast one-button start-up so you can begin collecting data straight away, whether it’s mounted on a pole, on a backpack, or on a vehicle.

For a complete solution, add proven Trimble Mapping & GIS software, such as Trimble TerraFlex™ which now supports centimeter-level accuracy workflows, or the updated Trimble TerraSync and Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office software.


Trimble R2_Nomad_Utilities_0813-0973


See the Trimble R2 Data Sheet for more details.

Compatible Hardware:

  • WM 6.5 and higher
  • Windows 7/8
  • iOS
  • Android


Software that will be supported by the Trimble R2 soon:

  • TerraSync
  • GPS Pathfinder
  • TerraFlex

*Stay tuned for more details and future releases of compatible software.