Holly Urbain – Seiler Geospatial Sales/Trimble Survey Certified Trainer

add section of jobNeed to export only one day’s worth of work from a multiple day job file?

In Trimble Access, use the Section of job option to Export a Fixed Format CSV or TXT. User must know the first Point name used and last Point name used that day. In Trimble Access > General Survey, user selects Jobs >Import / Export > Export fixed format, selects File format: Comma Delimited (*.CSV, *.TXT) , accept or modify the export File name: and/or File folder and reviews the used fields and field order for the export then tap Accept, the Select points screen appears. Tap Section of job then fill in the From point: and the To point: then tap Add then OK.

The exported file includes the From and To points and any points measured, staked and measured, keyed in or cogo computed in chronological order between these two points. The point names for all these other points are not important. Do not think of this as a Point Range. If you started your day on point 100 then jump to measure points in the 500 series or did some staking and stored some as staked points named AS100- AS110 then return to the 100 series to end your day on point 120, all of these points will export when you set the From point: 100 and the To point: 120. It includes anything from that “Section of the job”.

add section

Exception: This export will not work on older job data if a user reuses the same Point names in a job on multiple days. As a Point name is used, the chronological position in the job updates as well.

Learn more- The following is an edited version of the Trimble Access 2015.21 General Survey Help:

When adding points to a list in Trimble Access (TA) software for staking points, defining a plane and export points, etc. there are many different ways to add the points. To build the list of points during the export process or from the desired function screen, tap Add and then use one of the following methods to add points to the list:

    1. Enter single point name- Type in a Point name from the current job or a currently linked files. TA searches the current job then looks in the first linked file then the next linked file etc. Review the Database Search Rules in the General Survey Help found at LINK TO GS HELP
    2. Select from list- Allows the user to “check” on any points they want to add from the current job and currently linked files.
    3. Select using wildcard search-When adding point for staking, select from a filtered list of all points in the current job and currently linked files. Use any combination of the allowed criteria. Example set any Point name: 1* with a Code: CP to add any Control points with a name starting with 1: 1, 10, 11, 132 etc. This selection is currently not an option in Export.
      add Wildcard
    4. Select from fileAdd all points from a CSV or TXT file. This file must be in the current Trimble Access username folder in Trimble Data or in a subdirectory of that username folder. This is currently not an option in Export.
    5. All grid points- Add all grid points from the current job. These are typically uploaded, keyed in or calculated points.
    6. All keyed in pointsAdd all keyed in points from the current job.
    7. Points within radiusAdd all points within a defined radius from the current job and currently linked files. This is very useful for staking. A user can stand near the working area and do a Fast Fix to set the Center point: before typing in a Radius:
      add radius
    8. All points – Add all points from the current job, any currently linked files, and any scanned files referenced in the job.
    9. Points with same codeAdd all points with a defined code from the current job and currently linked files.
    10. Points by name rangeAdd all points within a name range from the current job and currently linked files. Note: this only include the points in the Range not any shots taken intermittently between these points as explained in “Section of job”. The actual point range entered does not have to exist in the job. If user enters 1-100 but only has 50 points, that range is still valid. It also works if point names include letters like AS1 to AS10.
    11. Section of jobAdd all points in chronological order from the first occurrence of From point through to and including the first occurrence of To point. These From and To points must exist in the job.add section
    12. Current map selection – Add all points currently selected in the map.
    13. Scan file points – For Exporting, users can add all points from scanned files referenced in the job. Select from a list of referenced scan files.