Kelly Harris, PLS     Seiler Geospatial Technical Support Manager

Trimble Access 2015.22 was released on Monday.

Resolved issues

SV count in NMEA output: An issue where a very large number of SVs was reported in NMEA data output to VRS networks or from the receiver when the Use job coordinates option was selected in the NMEA output options in the survey style is now resolved.

R2 antenna in survey style: An issue when using the Trimble R2 with a Trimble Slate or TSC3 lite controller, where the R2 antenna type was not available for selection in the survey style is now resolved.

Trimble Slate controller running slowly: An issue where Trimble Slate controllers ran very slowly or appeared to freeze when connecting to a GNSS receiver or starting a GNSS survey is now resolved. For this fix to be effective, you must reset the controller to the factory default settings and then install Trimble Access version 2015.22.


To install and run Trimble Access software version 2015.22, you must have a warranty agreement valid up to 1 September 2015.

Click here to see the Release notes for this version


Use the Trimble Installation Manager (TIM) software on your computer or directly on the Trimble tablet to upgrade your data collector to 2015.22, if eligible. Be sure to check ‘on’ the Office Updates to include the needed updates to Trimble Business Center, Data Transfer and other office software. If you use multiple computers to download your data collectors, be sure to run the TIM with Office updates on them all so as not to get a File converter error.