TBC Imagev3.60

Trimble Geospatial Release: Trimble Business Center v3.61 Enhancements

  • Improved processing algorithms to the Aerial Photogrammetry module to ensure successful adjustment and reduced processing times and a more descriptive report
  • In addition to keying in level data now you can import digital level data and integrate it with your GNSS and conventional data for improved vertical accuracy
  • New Layer Manager and other improvements to the Feature Definition Manager enable more efficient feature coding and attribution
  • Support for the VRS™ derived base station data in GNSS post processing

GIS Module

This module streamlines the collection of GIS-schema compliant data using Trimble Access and enables the direct integration of deliverables with Esri® data through a few simple steps:

  • Connect to Esri data provider to extract and import attribute schema into TBC
  • Create feature coding libraries that are compliant with your GIS requirements
  • Directly integrate data deliverables back into Esri projects

More Information

Important Note! This version is available to users whose current warranty expiration date is November 1, 2015 or later. If your warranty expires prior to this date and you proceed with the installation, licensed features will not be available. Contact Seiler to purchase a warranty extension. On the Start page, select View License Manager to verify your warranty expiration date.

  • To learn more about the many additional features in TBC v3.61, see the Product Bulletin, Release Notes and other materials on Trimble.com
  • To view tutorial videos on the latest features in Trimble Business Center, visit the Trimble Business Center YouTube channel.
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