TBC screenTo users of Trimble Business Center (TBC) Base, Complete and Advanced Editions;

Earlier this year, TRIMBLE PROTECTED announced the Loyalty Program for TBC users whose software warranty  has lapsed by more than 12 months but who now want to take advantage of all the new software updates in the latest version of TBC v2.9 (32-bit) and v3.61 (64-bit).

The Loyalty Program is for users who are currently not eligible for the TBC annual software maintenance or for the TBC warranty reinstatement extension and is open to users of TBC Base, Complete and Advanced Editions dongle license or network license for TBC v2.3 or higher.

This Loyalty Program expires December 31, 2015. Any user of TBC Base Complete or Advanced, for any of the above editions, who is “Out-of-Coverage” and who are not eligible for a TBC warranty or warranty reinstatement, may participate in this Loyalty Program.

Please contact your local Seiler representative for more information.


–Reminder of the Trimble Reinstatement Policy Change–

In April 2014, the Trimble reinstatement policy changed. A reinstatement warranty is required if the plan coverage has lapsed by more than 90 days. If your warranty has lapsed for more than 12 months, a warranty reinstatement will not be available and the purchase of a new software license will be required in order to benefit from the latest software release.