2015_20 coord - CopyTrimble reorganized the coordinate systems in Trimble Access version 2015.20 and higher.

Users opening an upgraded Wisconsin county coordinate job in the newer version may now see the projection labeled as “Local Site” as if the project had a site calibration applied but this is just due to the fact that the name of the systems available in the library have changed.

Trimble renamed a few systems to group the systems. Seiler has spoken to Trimble on the possible issues involved with renaming the system from the actual name Wisconsin County Coordinate System (WCCS) to a more generic name because of the fact that there are at least two county systems in Wisconsin; WCCS and Wisconsin Coordinate Reference Systems (WISCRS). This may be addressed in a future release.

Below is a partial list of the newly reorganized list in Trimble Access 2015.20 or later 

2015_20 coord

Below is the partial list as it appeared in Trimble Access 2015.10 and earlier

2015_10 coord

Click here for more information on WISCRS

Click here for more information on WCCS


Here is how the original job properties looked in 2015.10 and earlier

 2015_10 dane

Below are Job properties for the same job after it was upgraded to 2015.20 higher

2015_20 dane

Trimble Installation Manger (TIM) or the web based tool fileconversions.trimbleaccess.com do properly upgrade the jobs. The actual name of the coordinate system is different.

To verify the project projection information without changing the job settings, you can use the Jobs — Review Job to review the newly upgraded job  and see that the proper projection parameters did carry over.

2015 param