GISTrimble Business Center GIS Module

This module streamlines the collection of GIS-schema compliant data using Trimble Access and enables the direct integration of deliverables with GIS data through a few simple steps. Workflows include connecting to a GIS data provider to extract and import attribute schemas, creating feature code libraries that comply with GIS project requirements and directly integrating data deliverables back into GIS projects.

To watch the two full hours on the new GIS module, go to the TBC Power Hour website

How it works:

  1. Once you have the new GIS module activated in Trimble Business Center (TBC), connect directly to a GIS data source
    Use the GIS Connection Manager built into TBC

      • File geodatabase
      • Shapefile
      • ArcGIS Enterprise geodatabase

gis geodatabase

2. Handle coordinate system differences from TBC to the GIS data

gis coord

gis extract3. Extract Feature code list and associated Attributes known as “schema” and automatically create a Feature code library (FXL)
Edit this new FXL using the Feature definition manager utility to modufy Feature code acronyms, add line control codes, and symbology

  1. 4. Collect field data and process field data in TBC
  2. 5. Integrate data directly back into the geodatabase
    1. Select the data you want to integrate and write directly into the geodatabase


Other new GIS type file import and export formats:

  • ESRI File Geodatabase
  • Geodatabase XML
  • KML/KMZ exporter
  • Shapefile exporter

Contact your Seiler sales rep for more information on this TBC module.