TerraFlex Release January 27th 2016 – What’s New?

TerraFlex login Jan 2016

What’s New in TerraFlex Mobile?:

  • Connect to Trimble R10 and Trimble R8s GNSS field receivers: Surveyors utilizing these receivers to do precise measurements using other software apps, such as Trimble Access™, can use their same field device configuration to collect rich attribute, GIS-ready data with TerraFlex.
  • Nested form functionality: Users can collect multiple feature types at once using nested forms. For example, a city parks employee who is collecting a line feature along a pedestrian route through a park can pause that collection to quickly collect a point feature when inspecting urban furniture such as a park bench or signage, and then resume collecting the pedestrian route.
  • Edit positions for existing line and area features: TerraFlex Advanced users have the ability to refine or update field positions for line and area features to easily capture localized as-built changes. For example, a city wishing to do some rework on water infrastructure to re-route sewer pipes will need to capture the as-built geometry of the changes. They can do this by updating the existing positions of the affected section without having to make any other modifications to the overall water infrastructure.

TerraFlex Plugin For Esri ArcMap:

  • Use geodatabase tables: ArcMap users can now work with geodatabase tables as well as feature classes. Standalone geodatabase tables can be included within a project and users can optionally choose to transfer point/line/area features back to fields in the table.
  • Create auto-fields from the plugin: Users can automatically create auto-fields onto existing feature schemas in Esri ArcMap and add them to a TerraFlex form. Auto-fields can capture metadata, such as estimated accuracy or the device used, which previously were not part of the feature schema.
  • Upload features without assigning to a task: Users can upload features in Esri ArcMap without assigning them directly to a task. Task assignments can be done later in TerraFlex.

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For further information, view the TerraFlex January 2016 Updates presentation.