Trimble Mapping Compatibility List – February 2016

The latest Trimble Mapping Compatibility List is available and was released February 5th 2016.

Trimble MGIS Compatibility List - February 2016

Trimble MGIS Compatibility List – February 2016

  • Updated compatibility can be found for GPS Pathfinder Office 5.81, TerraSync 5.81 and TerraFlex 3.5 software in this recent list.
  • If you are not sure if your software maintenance is eligible for the latest releases of any of the software in the compatibility list please contact your Seiler Instrument Sales Representative via our Seiler Contact website Or contact Seiler Mapping Support [email protected] and we will look up your eligibility.

If you are looking for the Release Notes per the software follow these web link examples below:

  • See the main Trimble MGIS website per the products and then click on Software etc.
  • Click on the software that you interested in for example:  TerraSync the Release Notes for software can then be found under the Technical Support tab and then under the Documentation section – click on the “Language” you wish to view, save and or print.
  • For example below are screenshots of the TerraSync Technical Support and Documentation page:

TerraSync Tech Support website

TerraSync Documentation