Geo 7x OS/FW update released as of February 2016

Spring is around the corner and with the warmer weather that means data collection will be hitting full swing. Get your Geo 7x ready with Trimble’s latest OS release 6.7.17. Trimble is recommending that all Geo 7x handheld customers upgrade to this version. This update fixes some of the major  memory issues customers with ArcPad and TerraFlex are experiencing within their Geo 7x. Below is a list of the enhancements.

Geo 7x and TerraSync December 2014


Resolved issues and enhancements
The 6.7.17 operating system includes the following issue resolutions and functional enhancements:

•RTX update: Includes support for new Trimble RTX subscription types, including Trimble FieldPoint RTX and Fast RTX subscriptions.

•Free memory issue: Resolves an issue where the World Magnetic Model file inadvertently consumed additional memory from application process-slots resulting in large applications having insufficient process-slot memory to fully function.

•Camera issue: Resolves an issue where images captured at low resolution and high zoom are incorrectly exposed.
Important note for users with operating system version 6.7.16 or earlier

For users with earlier operating system versions, 6.7.17 will only be available as a FULL OS image. This means that
user-installed software, data, and settings are erased when installing the FULL OS image. Users should back up all important data prior to installing this version.

Updated GNSS firmware
The operating system version 6.7.17 includes GNSS firmware version 4.30.8

  • Significant GNSS firmware changes since 4.13.1
  • Updated to GNSS receiver core FW V5.11.
  • Improved CEA estimates.
  • Improved support automatic tracking of new Galileo satellites.
  • Improved receiver stability during start-up and after suspend/resume.
  • Enabled support for automatic tracking of EGNOS SV136 in Europe.
  • Updated built-in satellite constellation almanacs.
  • Allows autonomous NMEA position output when using Trimble RTX corrections.

**Recommendation: plug the power cord into the Geo 7x when upgrading Operating Systems.

1. Click on “GeoExplorer Series Downloads” on the Geo 7X Technical Support website

2. Click on Geo 7 Downloads

3. Click On Operating System Updates and Installers

4. Click on Geo 7X Operating System v6.7.17

  • Please click on and download the Release Notes.  Read the Release Notes before install the OS 6.7.15 onto the Geo 7x
  • The Operating System 6.7.17 – FULL OS (99 MB)  – Use this file to fully re-install the Operating System or upgrade a device to Operating System version 6.7.15. This firmware package is fully language provisioned, and also installs GNSS firmware version 4.10.2. The following languages are available for installation on this firmware version: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Traditional Chinese. This OS also bundles the TerraFlex field client, and the Trimble Rangefinder utility.  THIS “FULL OS” WILL WIPE THE GEO 7X CLEAN!!!!  You will then need to reinstall any programs and copy data back to the Geo 7x after this FULL OS is complete.  
  • Please Note the version of your software(s) and locate your 27 digit installation code for re-installation after the OS/FW has updated the Geo 7X.

4. Copy the OS you are going to install from your PC to your Geo 7x’s main hard-drive via your USB connection.

5. Find the Geo 7x OS update on your Geo via “File Explorer/My Device” that is on your Geo 7x and then tap on OS Update with your stylus.  **Recommendation: plug the power cord into the Geo 7x when upgrading Operating Systems.

6. Follow the onscreen prompts and the Geo 7x will reboot and give you a report if the installation was successful.