New Trimble Access Software v2016.00 released!

Kelly Harris, PLS     Seiler Geospatial Technical Support Manager

Trimble Access 2016.00 was released on April 18, 2016.

Trimble Access 2016.00 – A few of the new features and enhancements:

Staking offsets

New offset staking functionality enables a position to be staked offset from a point, line, arc, or alignment. For a point the offset position is defined by an azimuth, horizontal distance and elevation.

Target enhancements

Define a display name for conventional targets
Create up to 10 different targets
Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P

DTM offsets

You can now apply DTM offset values perpendicular to the DTM surface. Previously they were always vertical.

Modifying a TTM

Edit surface by deleting triangles

Adding a prefix or suffix to staked point names

Assign a prefix or suffix to the As-staked name instead of renaming or using original name.

Duplicate point storage options when importing points

You to decide how points of the same name as existing points in the job are imported.

Proximity check tolerance

You can now configure the software to warn you if you try to store a point with similar coordinates to another point already in your job

Vertical offsets when measuring points during GNSS surveys

Displaying XML file alignments in the map

Like in the Roads module, you can work in the XML alignment General Survey without converting to RXL

Filtering points in the 2D and 3D map and Video screen

You can now filter points by Point name, Code, Descriptions (if enabled) and Note in the General survey maps and in the Video screen

Display distances in feet and inches



To install and run Trimble Access software version 2016.00, you must have a warranty agreement valid 1 April 2016.

Click here to see the complete Release notes for this version

TSC3 Operating System Firmware update

Due to Microsoft changes, it is recommended that you upgrade the TSC3 Operating system firmware to 3.0.3

3.0.3 can be found at the following webpage FIRWMARE UPDATE BE SURE TO BACKUP YOUR COLLECTOR as OS upgrade will erase all files on your collector.

2016 MS

Trimble Installation Manager

Use the Trimble Installation Manager (TIM) software on your computer or directly on the Trimble tablet to upgrade your data collector to 2016.00, if eligible. Be sure to check ‘on’ the Office Updates to include the needed updates to Trimble Business Center, Data Transfer and other office software. If you use multiple computers to download your data collectors, be sure to run the TIM with Office updates on them all so as not to get a File converter error. There is an update to TIM and you may need to be an administrator to install the update.

 TSC2 Note ( UPDATE- 2016.01 Allows TSC2 install)

Trimble Access version 2016.00 and later cannot be installed on Trimble TSC2 controllers, regardless of the controller’s software warranty status. During the last year the TSC2 platform has shown it is underpowered for recent versions of Trimble Access. To continue developing Trimble Access we are no longer able to support the installation of new versions of Trimble Access to the TSC2 controller.

TSC2 controllers can continue running Trimble Access version 2015.22.

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