Wisconsin Continuously Operating Reference Station (WISCORS) Users – on Sunday June 5th, WISCORS is updating their Network IP Address – existing registered users received an email about this change with the IP address and URL.

For Trimble survey users, this means we need to confirm our setting in either the GNSS Contact in Trimble Access or Dial Profile in Survey Controller.

Trimble Access Users:  From the main menu, tap Settings –> Connect –> GNSS Contact –> edit the WISCORS contact you use and verify the IP address is     wiscors.dot.wi.gov    with port 2101    if your GNSS contact is set to this, you are good. Esc and do not make any changes.

Survey Controller Users: go into Configuration –>Dial profile –> select the Profile you use with WISCORS –> page down until you find the IP ADDRESS: enter     wiscors.dot.wi.gov    with port 2101


What this means:

  • Users that connect to the WISCORS NTRIP Caster using the Domain Name System (DNS) alias of    wiscors.dot.wi.gov    WILL NOT need to make any configuration changes. This alias address will automatically re-reroute users to the new IP address.
  • Users that connect to the WISCORS NTRIP Caster using the IP Address EXISTING IP ADDRESS  WILL need to reconfigure your device on Sunday June 5th. Change it to but not before Sunday June 5th


  • If possible, reconfigure your device to use the DNS     wiscors.dot.wi.gov    to connect to the WISCORS Network NTRIP Caster so in the future when the IP address changes, you will automatically be re-routed to the new IP. A change to connect using the DNS    wiscors.dot.wi.gov    can be done today.
  • If your device can’t be configured to use the DNS, on Sunday June 5th (but not before) reconfigure your device to use the following IP Address:    The Port 2101 will not change.