TA201601Trimble Access 2016.01 was released on May 17, 2016.

Note: TA 2016.00 was recently released in April 2016- see previous blog article or click here for the release notes  to read about all the newly added features!



Trimble Access 2016.01 now supports the Trimble TSC2 controller   (2016.00 did not)

Support for the Trimble TSC2 controller is back due to popular demand. A significant number of customers requested access to the new features in the Trimble Access 2016.00 release, and while the TSC2 platform is aging and does not perform as well as the TSC3, if you are not pushing the device to maximum capacity, for example using very large files, then performance is still acceptable. Trimble Access 2016.01 is the last version of Trimble Access that can be installed on the TSC2 controller

Resolved issues from the 2016.00 recent release

  • GNSS vertical offsets
  • GPS UTC offset
  • Office use only attributes
  • Configurable App keys
  • Settings application errors

To install and run Trimble Access software version 2016.00, you must have a warranty agreement valid April 1, 2016.

Click here to see the complete release notes for this version

Users should update their TSC3 Operating System Firmware update

Due to Microsoft changes, it is recommended that you upgrade the TSC3 Operating system firmware to 3.0.3

3.0.3 can be found at the following webpage FIRWMARE UPDATE BE SURE TO BACKUP YOUR COLLECTOR as OS upgrade will erase all files on your collector.