LevelMeTrimble Access Level Me

Perform high-accuracy trigonometric leveling with your S-series Total Station

Easy to setup and use. Highly productive

Generating direct reports from the field and exporting result files

The Trimble Access Level Me application includes tools to determine elevations through optical observations, calculations, and compensation with precise trigonometric leveling using an S-series total station.

Click here to watch a video of how it works

Levelinglevel me2

  • Determine elevations using a single or double run level loops where your last foresight is your first backsight.
  • Determine elevations using a level “line” where your last foresight is on a known point.
  • Automatically adjusts measurements when the loop or line is closed.
  • Stores data in the Trimble Access .JOB file
  • Data imports to Trimble Business Center


  • Raw Data – exports all measurement data along with corrected values and temperature / pressure information
  • DiNi M5 format
  • CSV File
  • Sample report click here SEILER1 Loop

Supported devices:

  • TSC3
  • TSC2
  • Trimble CU
  • Trimble Tablet

Ask your Seiler sales contact for more information and pricing for TAA-LEVELME-P the perpetual license you can add to any of the supported Trimble Access devices.

Users can install a free trial by using the Trimble Installation Manager (TIM) Try Software tab.

 Click to view the Level me datasheet: LevelMe-DataSheet_ENG

level me 1

Note: Users can only use Trimble S Series Total Stations. It will not work with 5600 or other models of total stations.