GNSS Settings: PDOP, SNR and Elevation Mask for Real-Time Settings TerraSync – video

Below is a video on how to set up the GNSS Settings for PDOP, SNR and Elevation Mask when using Real-Time Corrections in Trimble TerraSync

If the video does not play please see our Seiler Solutions YouTube website

These GNSS/PDOP settings can be used in all versions of TerraSync for Real-Time Corrections.

TerraSync 5.40 and higher is where you will see the option to uncheck “Use Smart Settings”.   Please see the TerraSync Documentation: Getting Started Guide 5.40 page 191 and Getting Started Guide 5.60/5.61 page 183.

In previous versions of TerraSync prior to version 5.40 there was the “Slider Bar” that allowed users to filter between “Productivity to Precisions”.  This then edited the PDOP settings all at once per what you see done manually in this video.

Also see our blog  VRS Real-Time PDOP Settings in TerraSync  for screenshots.