Calibration of Sensors on the Geo 7X – why is this important?

Calibration of Sensors Geo7X

All 3 axis will be calibrated during the calibration process.


The 2 main reasons to Calibrate the Sensors on the Geo 7x are:

1.If you need to use the Navigation functions with your GPS software

  • The compass application may not provide consistent readings
  • The directional arrow in your software may not move or update consistently

2.If you are using the Laser Rangefinder attachment for Offsets or Measuring:

  • “Bearing” functionality: “Distance/Bearing”
  • Measuring functionality: “Height or Width Routines” with the Laser.

See the Geo 7X Laser Rangefinder User Guide and or Geo 7X User Guide for more information.

See these links for more details on how and when to Calibrate the Sensors of the Geo 7X.

Ideal Usage Environments for the Geo7X sensors



**Also, refer to a previous blog from February 2014  “Geo7 Laser Rangefinder Calibration and Tips for Proper Use” to learn more about the Sensors on the Geo 7X, Proper Use and When to Calibrate the Geo7X Sensors.