“USCG” Base Stations on the NGS CORS server that are currently inactive

Some Base Stations from “USCG” – (US Coast Guard) are missing data hosted by NGS CORS.

This means that GPS data is not available for Differential Correction.

NGS CORS is aware of this:

“The outage that affects about 18 USCG/CORS sites is a communication line failure. May take 1-2 months to restore”.

List of these known CORS base stations with this communication issue.  Some have been down since late July 2016:


3 of these base stations are in the Seiler Instrument territory:

RIS5       RIS6       “Teeds Grove, IA”

WIM5    WIM6    “Mequon, WI”

WIS5      WIS6      “Wisconsin Point, WI”

How to find GPS data available per a specific CORS base station?  Look up here: NGS CORS MAP 

Type in the “4 digit” name of the base station in the “Site ID” on the left and click “GO”.  I typed in “WIM5”

Click on “Site Info” on the Map.

Then click “Data Availability” on the left.

You can then use the “GPS Start Date” and work backwards via “Day Ago” to see how far back GPS data is available per a base station.


If you are having issues with any of the “CORS” base stations in your Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office or Trimble Positions Desktop Add-in software you can email NGS CORS base station support at:  [email protected]