TA201601Trimble Access 2016.10 was released on October 14, 2016.

Note: TA 2016.03 was recently released – see previous blog article or click here for the release notes  to read about all the newly added features!



General Survey

New Hardware Supported

The Trimble Access software supports the new Trimble SX10 scanning total station. For information on the new Trimble SX10 Click here.

Key Features of the SX10 include:

  • Combines high accuracy total station measurements and high-speed 3D scanning in one instrument.
  • Uses Trimble Lightning 3DM to scan up to 26,600 points per second.
  • Fast and easy capture of high resolution site imagery using improved Trimble VISION technology
  • Has a 3D scan range of 600m and a DR range of 800m.
  • Provides 360° horizontal x 300° vertical field of view with scanning and imagery.

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Staking out elevations
  • TIFF files in the map
  • Improved performance of TTM and DTM files in the map
  • More easily copy job files to a different location
  • Import and export files direct to or from USB on tablets
  • Stakeout screens now support Access Vision
  • Enhancements to selecting a code from the feature library
  • Feature library enhancements to support blocks
  • Use attributes of base code option now enabled by default
  • Additional tap and hold menu options in the map
  • Warning if point name exists in linked file
  • Changing the search class for keyed in points
  • Reminder that the controller clock is incorrect
  • Enhancements for search window
  • Using GDM data output to stream HD and VD labels
  • Improved reporting of instrument values
  • GNSS survey style enhancements
  • Defining the project height from the current GNSS position
  • Software now available in Marathi
  • Coordinate system database updates
  • TSC2 support for Trimble Access

Resolved issues in the 2016.03 recent release:

  • RTK base data link down
  • DXF files in the 3D map
  • DXF files in the map
  • Cut/fill values in the map
  • Displaying surface triangles in the map
  • Background images in the map
  • Map not updating after PPM changed
  • Media file not found in review job
  • Project height missing in select coordinate system screen
  • Vertical offset for duplicate point
  • Keying in offsets during stakeout
  • Trimble Business Center reports invalid design elevation
  • Closing all windows from export
  • eBubble softkey
  • OmniSTAR
  • Measure points on a plane
  • Loss of target during continuous topo
  • Continuous topo measurement not ending with survey
  • eLevel tilt error
  • Face 2 measurement required if no backsight measured
  • Keying in a point
  • Control codes
  • 3D map gestures
  • 3D map progress bar
  • Tablet keyboard
  • Trimble M3 compensator status
  • Trimble Geo7X data transfer
  • Trimble Geo7X serial number
  • Application errors


New Features and Enhancements:

  • Easier job template setup

Resolved issues:

  • Station equations during tally checking/joint mapping
  • Joint mapping
  • Linking weld attributes
  • Measuring a pipeline for a joint ID that does not exist
  • Application errors


New Features and Enhancements:

  • Additional strings
  • Gaps in templates
  • Changing grade display format for a vertical alignment
  • Road surface display options in 3D drive
  • Improved display of stakeout delta values
  • Line work highlighted when reviewing a road
  • Reviewing a road in 3D

Resolved issues:

  • Additional points
  • Staking a skew offset
  • Display of LandXML roads
  • Incorrect string dimension for GENIO road
  • Incorrect conversion of units for a GENIO road
  • Reviewing a GENIO road
  • Reviewing a Trimble road
  • Surveying a Trimble road with additional points
  • Application errors


New Features and Enhancements:

  • Changing the grade display format for a vertical alignment
  • Improved information about vertex points

Resolved Issues:

  • Design points


To install and run Trimble Access software version 2016.10, you must have a warranty agreement valid October 1, 2016.

Click here to see the complete release notes for this version

Users should update their TSC3 Operating System Firmware update

Due to Microsoft changes, it is recommended that you upgrade the TSC3 Operating system firmware to 3.0.3

3.0.3 can be found at the following webpage FIRWMARE UPDATE BE SURE TO BACKUP YOUR COLLECTOR as OS upgrade will erase all files on your collector.