NGS Control Points – Resources to finding them

Recently I have found 2 resources for finding “NGS Control Points” to use to check your GPS devices against.  Use these NGS Control points while using a Real-Time Correction source or after Differential Correction “Post Processing” back in the office.

1. BenchMap (Android Only).  I am still looking for a good iOS counterpart since the “Findacontrol” app is no longer 100% supported for Android or iOS new downloads.  If you find a reliable iOS control point app please let me know and I will add it to this blog.


2. NGS Survey Marks and Data Sheets – On the NGS website there are several options but the more familiar one is called NGS Data Explorer.  It uses Google Maps.  


Both of the above resources provide you a pdf “Data Sheet” that describes the control points location, quality and history.  Click on this link to the right see the “Data Sheet” for Burke-S-GPS:  df9802-burke-s-gps-madison-wi

Here is an actual photo of the location of the “Burke-S-GPS” control point.


***Some control points may have over growth within the road right of way.  Wear proper clothing, boots and pack some bug spray. Be prepared to walk through weeds, muddy ditches to get to them.  You might have to clear weeds and or dirt away in order to find the control point plate or pin.  Happy Control Point hunting.