Trimble Advanced Positioning

November 2016


Trimble VRS Now – North American Data Connection Change

As the leader in high accuracy positioning, Trimble® continues to invest in its network to maximize uptime and reliability. As part of our continued focus to improve reliability and network maintenance, Trimble will be transitioning to a URL-based data connection method, effective December 15, 2016. This will allow us to better manage how users are accessing the VRS Now™ data and improve system reliability. As a result of this change, all North American customers will need to change their software/display settings to point to URL “www.vrsnow.us” instead of the IP address to be able to connect to the Trimble VRS Now Network. Updating the IP address will be seamless and will not change your service or your workflow in any way. This will allow Trimble to make network changes behind the scenes in the future without impacting users in the field.


What needs to be done before December 15, 2016?

Customers need to change their setting on the software/display to point to the URL “www.vrsnow.us” instead of the old IP address “”. The port number remains the same as before. If you need to access the mount points available on your browser use the URL and the relevant port number (eg: http://www.vrsnow.us:[port#]) .

Beyond this date, customers will not be able to connect to Trimble VRS Now network using the old IP address. This configuration change can be made at any time prior to December 15, 2016, so we encourage VRS Now users to make this change now.


Current receiver systems support this URL connection approach. If your system does not support URL entry, please call Customer Care for assistance.

For more information

For any questions on how to change the VRS connection point in your system software, contact Trimble Advanced Positioning Customer Care. Contact information can be found below.


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