Trimble Access 2016.00

Trimble Access 2016.12 was released on December 14, 2016.

Click here for the release notes to read about all the updated and newly added features!



Resolved issues in the 2016.11 recent release:

Resolved issues:

  • Incorrect station value for an alignment
  • Logging in troubles
  • Feature codes with capital letters
  • a few application errors
  • Roads- Additional strings issues resolved


General Survey 2016.10-2016.12

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Staking out elevations
  • TIFF files in the map
  • Improved performance of TTM and DTM files in the map
  • More easily copy job files to a different location
  • Defining the project height from the current GNSS position (use Here)Import and export files direct to or from USB on tablets
  • Stakeout screens now support AccessVision
  • Enhancements to selecting a code from the feature library
  • Feature library enhancements to support blocks
  • Use attributes of base code option now enabled by default
  • Additional tap and hold menu options in the map
  • Warning if point name exists in linked file
  • Changing the search class for keyed in points
  • Reminder that the controller clock is incorrect
  • Enhancements for search window
  • And many more– See release for more details



To install and run Trimble Access software version 2016.12, make sure your TSC3 data collector’s operating firmware is 3.0.3 and check that your Trimble Access warranty agreement valid October 1, 2016.

Click here to see the complete release notes for this version

 tsc2TSC2 support for Trimble Access

Trimble Access version 2016.12 can be installed on Trimble TSC2 controllers that have a valid software waranty. As previously announced, the TSC2 controller is supported through to the end of 2016, but will not be supported in 2017.