On Wednesday January 18th Trimble is hosting the next free Trimble PowerHour webinar in the monthly series. Sessions are offered at 9am CST and 5pm CST

The topic is an advanced user topic: TBC Power Hour Webinar: New TBC Tools For Cadastral Survey Workflows

Speaker: Trimble’s Jeff Blanton & Riley Smith

Land surveyors require accurate and efficient boundary and survey data analysis tools. Cadastral surveyors are moving to more advanced technology to create and manage boundary data. Trimble Business Center incorporates a complete set of processing, analysis, and deliverable creation tools that complete the survey professional’s workflows. The newest release of Trimble Business Center version 3.80 incorporates the powerful CreateCOGO command to enable crucial cadastral survey workflows such as parcel creation and lot closure reports. Other important tools within TBC assist the land surveyor in preparing data for the field and analyzing surveyed data in the office as well as generating the final cadastral plot. This session will demonstrate the tools in TBC for performing cadastral survey workflows as well as integrating survey plan and field data in one project for efficient data management. Attendees will learn:

  • Streamlined Tools and Techniques for Creating Geometry in TBC
  • Efficient Parcel Creation and Lot Closure Reporting in TBC
  • Utilizing CAD Templates in TBC for Plan Creation
  • TBC COGO Tools for Performing Survey Computations

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If you have missed any of the previous sessions, this webinar along with the previous webinars can be found at the bottom of the  Geospatial Webinar_PowerHour page.

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