Top 5 FAQ’s on Trimble Sx10

So you’ve heard the hype, it’s the NEW Trimble SX10 – Full total station technology plus a high-precision scanner in one revolutionary machine. Our team is on a mission to answer those questions many folks have been asking…



How far will it scan and how many points per second?
600m Scan Range, but could depend on the reflectivity of the target area. With scanning speeds of up to 26,600 points per second at ranges up to 600m and the smallest spot size in the industry – a mere 14mm at 100m.


Where is the eye piece or why no eye piece?
SX10 has advanced Autolock® and dedicated camera to track prism. There is no eyepiece because the video feed to the tablet is used for all aiming

Trimble SX10 Total Station Studio face right_small

How is this different from a standard scanner?
The SX10 uses traditional survey workflows. The scans are automatically registered to control points, no need to massage data to move to proper locations. It also works as a traditional total station when scanning is not needed on a project.

Do I need special processing software?
Yes. Trimble Business Center (TBC) v3.80+ Advanced or complete editions with the TBC Scanning module added on to the license. Note: Data also works in Trimble Real Works. Final Note: TBC supports many third party scan file formats for full project data integration

What is the total cost for the system?
Way less than you think! Give us a call to see a live demonstration of this game changing technology!

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