Following up from our first blog on the Top 5 FAQ’s, we have compiled another top five FAQ list with additional Q&A’s from our customers on Trimble’s revolutionary SX10 scanning total station . Sx10_KS

What is the Trimble SX10?
The SX10 is a full total station technology plus a high-precision scanner in one.

How is this different from a Standard Trimble S Series Robot?
• Better flexibility on the quality of the images
• Same proven technologies like MagDrive™ and Trimble SurePoint™
• SX10 has a Camera in Optical Plumb for documentation of each setup quality and includes split optic tribrach for manual and camera sighting
• Includes Three options for communication;
A.) Wi-Fi – Primary communications method for most use cases. This provides fast transfer of scans, images and video.
B.) Long Range Radio (same as S7 radio.) Use for longer total station measurements.
C.) Cabled (USB2.0) – Use for quick connection to instrument.

Trimble SX10 Total Station Studio face right_small


Sx10 accuracy
▪ 1” angle accuracy
▪ 1mm + 1.5ppm Prism
▪ 2mm + 1.5ppm DR

Sx10 Spot Size
▪ 8mm @ 50m 0.02ft @165 ft
▪ 14mm @ 100m 0.45ft @328 ft

Sx10 Light Source
▪ Time of Flight
▪ Pulsed Laser 1550nm


Will the SX10 work with TSC3 ?
No. The operating system and processor in the TSC3 does not allow for optimal performance of the SX10. Currently, the SX10 works with Trimble Tablet model 2 w/ Trimble Access version 2016.11 or higher.

What does the scanning module do that TBC Advanced won’t?
Registration and classification.

What is the total cost for the system?
Way less than you think! Give us a call to see a live demonstration of this game changing technology!


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