Ascii Export from GPS Pathfinder Office

In this blog post we will provide you tips and a link to a video on how to create an ASCII file Export for GPS Pathfinder Office.

Some tips before you setup the ASCII template for Exporting from GPS Pathfinder Office:

  1. Know your Coordinate System, Datum and Units you wish to Export to.
  2. Are you wanting to export out any GNSS Metadata?
  3. What export type do you want to use?  txt, csv, asc, xls?  I prefer to use “csv” for this export setup.
  4. If you would like to use “Template as Heading” in your exported ASCII file please check the box next to it.  If the box is grayed out then you need to have selected on the previous screen “One Set of Files Per Feature Type” (See screen shots below – click on them to view in new browser).

GreyedOut Template as Heading2




Ascii export template export2


ASCII Export per Seiler Cars TerraSync test


  • Contact us at [email protected] if you have training question on GPS Pathfinder Office workflows.
  • See the GPS Pathfinder Office Help for Exporting.  Select Contents Tab: “Export Utility Help/Formats/Configurable ASCII etc….” to learn more about ASCII and Header and Footer export guides (Screen shot below – click on image to view in new browser).

Header and Footer for Ascii exportHelp