Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign……  GPS it I must

Always a catchy tune.

I stopped to visit this sign on my way home from teaching a TerraSync/GPS Pathfinder Office class in Wisconsin 3-16-17.

My Geo 7X Sub Foot and Zephry2 antenna wanted a photo opt.


  • I used my WISCOR’s Real-time account inside of TerraSync along with my Verizon Hotspot to get the Geo 7X Sub Foot/TerraSync onto the internet.  I was dialed to 4 inches horizontal within under 2 minutes.
  • Any guesses as to what part of Wisconsin this particular “Seiler Rd” sign is located?  Hint, not far from a city that has the same name of famous bib overalls.
  • Bonus question:  What highway was this intersection at?
  • I will reveal the coordinates after 5 days if there are no correct guesses.




THE LOCATION IS:  Intersection of Hwy 26 and Seiler Rd.

Tim and Gary you we close to the coordinates.  South of Oshkosh and North of Rosendale – Fond Du Lac County, WI.

To be fair, this intersection has had some new construction that may not appear in Google Maps/Earth.  The Road and Stop sign may have moved over time.

There are also newer curbs hiding underneath the snow piles.

Degrees, Minutes, Seconds:  Lat: 43°52’23.38450″N  Long: 88°39’01.29462″W

Decimal Degrees:  Lat: 43.873162361°N  Long: 88.650359617°W

The intersection of Hwy 26 and Seiler Rd is in the Town of Rosendale.  If you continue East on Seiler Rd then you will be in the Town of Eldorado, WI.

See the Fond du Lac GIS Website for more details.  

*Use Internet Explorer or Firefox as the website is no longer is supported in Google Chrome.

 **Use the Identify tool for details about township name and legal description.

Below is a Google Earth screen capture of the data Exported out of GPS Pathfinder Office.  The wonders of GNSS Metadata.

Seiler Rd kml