Windows Mobile Device Center will not be supported in future versions on Windows 10 

We have received a few calls where a customer has updated to a Window 10 computer and cannot connect to a Geo7x and or other Trimble Windows Mobile Devices.

Per Trimble Support – “We have heard of this issue and our Mobile Computing Systems team is working on it vigorously.”  Right now, it looks like it is the Windows 10 Creators Update (KB4015583) that will not function with Windows Mobile device Center. If you are able to remove that update specifically, and/or revert back to the older version of Windows 10 OS, the Windows Mobile Device Center and in turn Data Transfer Utility will work properly once again.   We don’t think this should be an issue with Operating Systems other than Windows 10, so it may be worth trying on another computer if one is available.

Update:  The official Microsoft position has not changed and support for WMDC ended in 2012. Official notice of that is here.

While it did work OK with earlier versions of Windows 10, it seems that a change in 1703 has been fatal.  The best workaround so far suggested is to change some registry values that affect how Windows 10 handles running the WMDC services in the background.

Here is the workaround per Trimble: WINDOWS MOBILE DEVICE CENTER CONNECTION ISSUES  (depending on your browser this pdf support note may automatically download).

If you have any further questions please feel free to email us at [email protected]