Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office versions compatible with Windows 10

With a lot of organizations migrating to Windows 10, we have had some software compatibility questions arise.

Below are some helpful tips pertaining to versions of Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office and Compatibility with Windows 10:

  • The minimum version of Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office that is compatible with Windows 10 is v5.70.
  • Other versions that are also compatible with Windows 10:  v5.80, v5.81, v5.85.
  • See page 2 of the Trimble Compatibility List – it may download automatically depending on your web browser.
  • Also see page 3 for backwards compatibility from Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office to Trimble TerraSync.

Here is a screen shot from page 2 of Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office compatible versions with Windows 10

Here is a screen shot from page 3 of backwards compatibility from GPS Pathfinder Office to Trimble TerraSync


If you are not sure of what version of software you are eligible per your current or expired software maintenance you can find out inside of each of the software’s.

Your current software version, software maintenance expiration date and the installation code will be listed in these locations:

  • Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office: click on “Help”, “About GPS Pathfinder Office”.
  • TerraSync: click on any of the menus at the top left and select “Status”.  Change the word “Skyplot” to the word “About”.  See the “Software Expiry Date”.
  • If you are not sure what versions of GPS Pathfinder Office and or TerraSync correspond with release dates please see the Downloads page per each software and the Release Notes per a particular version of software.  GPS Pathfinder Office Downloads and TerraSync Downloads.
  • To renew your software maintenance to obtain a more current license of either or both softwares listed above please contact your Seiler Mapping Sales Representative via our contacts website.  If you are not a Seiler Mapping customer then please see the Trimble Dealer Locator to find the nearest Trimble Mapping Dealer.

If you have other software compatibility questions feel free to contact us at [email protected]