PC Operating System support of Windows Mobile Device Center

We continue to get a lot of questions in regards to this subject, so we thought another post would be helpful to share.  As many know – Microsoft® ended support for Windows Mobile® Device Center (WMDC) in 2012; the latest Microsoft PC operating systems are not designed to be compatible with WMDC. WMDC may not work with the recently released Windows® 10 version 1703, or any subsequent Windows 10 versions.

Trimble® recommends that you consider alternative solutions to WMDC where possible. When WMDC must be used with operating systems that no longer support it, there are some options you can try to get it working.  Please reference below some options or alternatives for solving your issues:

Per Trimble Inc:

  1.  Download the attached Trimble Support Note and go thru the steps they recommend.
  2.  Run a Windows 10 WMDC Compatibility Registry Update.  Open the attached file and run the program inside. It should do the registry edit for you.  Make sure you reboot computer when completed.  Registry Update.exe file.  Be sure to download this file tool and run it as an administrator to add the entries.

Additional questions – please contact Seiler Support at: [email protected] or [email protected]