Location Profile setup for Real-time Corrections with Esri Collector

In order to setup your High Accuracy GNSS Real-time “Location Profile” in Esri Collector the follow will need to be completed:

  1. Your Trimble R1 and or R2 is turned on.
  2. It is already blue toothed paired to your Android, iOS and or Windows 10 device and working with the Trimble GNSS Status app.  Search previous blogs about setting up the R1 and R2 or see our Seiler Solutions videos per this setup.
  3. The Real-time Source has been entered into the Trimble GNSS Status App.
  4. Location Provider is already selected in Esri Collector (R1 or R2) and not selected as Integrated receiver (this would be your phone or tablet).

Remember also – regarding your Location Profile for the continental US – if using Intergrated SBAS with the ESRI Web Mercator basemaps – the Default can be used. (No transformation needed.)  But if you are using a RTN/VRS correction network (Public or Private) that provides NAD83 (2011) based corrections – your Location Profile will need to set-up the correct datum transformation.  (Here in Wisconsin I named my Profile “Wiscors”).

    • Bottom line is – when the settings are correct – the Accuracy reading in Trimble GNSS Status and in Esri Collector should both read the same value.  When you have corrections being applied – under open sky, you should expect reliable sub-meter horizontal results with an R1 and Sub Foot and or Centimeter horizontal results depending on the model off the R2 purchased.
    • Below are steps to ensure proper setup up of the “Location Profile” (Credit Gale Shea at Seiler Instrument for her post on GeoNet/Collector Community for the the above).


In Esri Collector “Android” you will click on the 3 vertical dots and then select Settings.  In “iOS” version of Esri Collector you will click at the top of the page on the Paper icon with UP arrow and then click settings.  (this example is an Android screen shot).

Scroll down and Select “Location Profile”.  


Click Add Profile to create a new Location Profile.

Knowing the Correction Datum of your Real-time Network of Single Base is critical.

I am selecting GCS NAD 1983 2011.  This is what my VRS Network in Wisconsin uses via “WI-DOT aka WISCORS”.  Most stations in North America use this Datum but please double check with your Real-time base station provider first.


Select “Projected” on the next screen and choose the Coordinate System used by your Map.  The Esri Web Maps that are included with Collector are in WGS 1984 Web Mercator.

Select WGS 1984 Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere – the 2nd one.

Zoom into the work area of interest per your Real-time Network or use the GPS icon on the screen to find your current location.

Then tap on the arrow at the top RIGHT of the screen.  Here you will select the “Datum Transformation” to go between your Web Map and Your Real-time Correction Source.

Click Done.

Give this “Location Profile” a Unique name.  If you wish to you can click on “Show location profile details”.  Click “Ok”.

Now select your new “Location Profile so that the check mark is now to the right of it.

Then you can back your way out of this screen and others in Esri Collector in order to return to your Map screen.

For any questions about setting up this “Location Profile” for High Accuracy GNSS Real-time in Esri Collector please contact us at:  [email protected]