Trimble is offering a no charge technical webinar on Grid Coordinates. Ground Coordinates. 9AM CST and 4PM CST on JULY 26, 2017  Click here to Sign up

The fundamental Grid vs Ground concepts for surveyors across cadastral, construction, boundary, control, and all other survey domains need to be mastered. Let a domain expert explain to you the definitions and differences and how to practically work in grid, ground, and move between the two in Trimble Access field software and Trimble Business Center office software. Mark White, has been the geospatial training and support manager for Duncan-Parnell, Trimble Geospatial’s southeast United States distribution partner, will be guest hosting July’s TBC Power Hour Defining and Working with Grid and Ground Coordinates. Mark is a land surveyor and technical trainer on survey-grade GNSS and total stations with over twenty-five years of industry experience and has been the training manager for Duncan-Parnell the past five years. Attendees will learn:

  • The differences between projected grid coordinates and real-world ground coordinates
  • When and how to setup Trimble Access jobs for grid and ground coordinates
  • When and how to setup TBC projects for grid and ground coordinates
  • Why and how to convert between grid and ground coordinates

If you cannot attend or have missed any of the previous sessions, this webinar along with the previous webinars will be made available at the bottom of the  Geospatial Webinar_PowerHour page.