Helping support continuing education to the Surveying|Geospatial Industry has been a passion for Seiler Instrument for many years, but one person in particular who has really helped promote this passion is Terry Lueschow, PLS out of our Seiler Wisconsin Office.  Since 2006, Terry has helped coordinate and supply to Michigan Technological University (MTU) Surveying and Engineering Department the latest in Trimble Geospatial Surveying Technology for their students and staff use.  Terry also serves on the the MTU Surveying and Engineering Advisory Board.

Currently, MTU has several Trimble R10 GNSS Systems, Trimble S7 Robotic Total Stations, Data Collectors along with other surveying accessories on loan from Seiler Instrument.  The Surveying and Engineering Classes are primarily taught by the following three professfors at MTU;  Eugene Levin CP, Joe Foster, PS, PLS and Michael T. Drewyor, PE, PS.  Some of these instruments were recently utilized for a  Surveying Engineering Capstone Project by two MTU students, Jacob Fabian and Matthew Kunkel.  The project was titled: Hydrographic Survey For Irrigation Pond Evaluation. (see link for full project details.) Trimble R10 rovers were used to establish control and measure top around the site.  Seiler also loaned the students a Hydrone-RCV Remote Control survey boat and a Sonarmite (depth finder), which they combined with the R10 rover to map the bottom of the pond.  Project images attached.